nVidia/Framebuffer Graphics Problems

I have a current installation that was originally using a BFG 9800GTX+ video card. Because of frequent lock-ups, etc I’ve begun targeting different items – starting with the video card. I put in an older PNY 8400GS card and checked it with YAST2, but it came up “framebuffer graphics.”

So I ran the nVidia drivers again (“hard way” because of previous 1-click Install problems) and now they say they are loaded but the card still shows as “framebuffer graphics,” without 3D, or any of the nVidia options. Also the nVidia drivers are not showing in YAST2 no matter how many times I try to re-install.

After all the init 3/sh <driver name> -q/sax2 -r attempts failed to recognize the card I did init 5 and left it. But I’d like to fully test the card appropriately because I do think the GTX card is the problem. I’m currently using a widescreen (which framebuffer claims isn’t one of the workable resolutions even though it’s running @1440x900), & I’d like to eventually go dual-monitor.

Ironically, installed windows games in wine are running better than ever under “framebuffer” (some used to crash the system),

Any help is appreciated.

OpenSUSE 11.1/64Bit

after you install the nvidia drivers the hard way sax2 will read framebuffer. so do not use sax2 any more. the nvidia drivers are working. look in nvidia-settings it will tell you the information and let you change settings.

Awesome! That’s just what I needed. (And so simple I had to have glanced over it somewhere.)