Nvidia for OpenSuse 13.1 KDE 64Bit

Hi! I have been struggling installing Nvidia for my my graphic -card 9400GT and I found this URL http://software.opensuse.org/ymp/home:Knurpht:dkms-nvidia/openSUSE_13.1/dkms-nvidia.ymp
thanks to Knurph very helpful… But i was in need for a better resolution than 1024X768 for my Asus monitor VK248 so i had to add a new script-file that I now have borrowed from PCLinuxOS 2013 64bit with Nvidida graphic system…
The file I found that had a solution was ** xorg.conf** so I put that script file into the map** /etc/X11** as root here in OpenSuse 13.1 KDE 64bit that made it possible to manage better resolution ie 1920X1080 and 1600X900 etc

Best regards CUA

i did “the hard way” two weeks ago, better than going to unsafe repo IMHO.
but anyone know why there is not yet a official nvidia repositorie?
according to this…
SDB:NVIDIA drivers - openSUSE

You can use nvidia-settings (included with the nvidia driver) to create an xorg.conf with your own specific settings. If you want to save the resulting xorg.conf to /etc/X11/ directly, you would have to run it as root though.

kdesu nvidia-settings

or in GNOME:

gnomesu nvidia-settings

or in any DE:

xdg-su -c nvidia-settings

The repo’s mine, it’s not unsafe to use the package. In fact, it does “the hard way” for you.

Thank You everybody for information and details. Now Im very pleased and happy with OpenSuse 13.1 KDE. Indeed it works very fine
73 and cheerio // SM3CUA lol!