Nvidia dual screen settings not remembered after reboot

Hi all, new Opensuse user, liking it so far but I am having a few issues, one of which involved nvidia-settings. I have tried to do this both with and without root console and I get the same result.

I am running a dual screen set up, which by default opensuse is setting the monitor on the right side as the default, and the main monitor before me in the center as ‘right of’ the secondary monitor. Naturally, I fix this very quickly with nvidia-settings and it is fine UNTIL REBOOT, which is reverted to default. Saving a configuration file for this setting does nothing, it reverts every time.

I found an older thread with someone with the same issue with no solution found. I could really use some help here. Anyone? I can live with how it works now, but it is annoying.

Is this openSUSE 12.3 and do you use KDE as your desktop? The KDE Desktop does allow monitor settings, including a dual setup, to be saved. I do see issues sometimes if a VGA connection to one of the monitors is being used, over say DVI or HDMI, but it does not mean a VGA connection setup can not be saved, you just must give it a try.

In KDE you do:

Using the Classic menu / Configure Desktop / Hardware / Display and Monitor / Size and Orientation

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Ha. I am surprised something so simple worked. With other distros I had to do this in Nvidia-settings. That worked, problem solved!

Happy to help and to hear the solution was just what the doctor ordered.

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nvidia-setting needs to be run as root to save the settings to the xorg.conf file

I learned something here too! I don’t have nvidia hardware, but up until recently, the desktop settings didn’t work when using proprietary drivers, so the proprietary tools were required. Now it seems this isn’t the case. There’s obviously been some development here.