nvidia drivers unstable


this is my first post here. i recently installed 64-bit opensuse 11 with KDE 4.1 on a computer that was previously running 32-bit kubuntu. i chose opensuse because i wanted something and needed an easy installation on a intel raid 1+0 matrix.

installation was good. but now i’m running into multiple problems. on of them is unstability of nvidia drivers (geforce 7600 go). these drivers (173.x) generate random artefacts, random freezes, and sometimes hard locks. nv drivers work fine, but they are too limited imho.

do you guys know about a workaround to get 3D on my video card ?


try an older version of the nvidia drivers,see if that helps


ok, thanks, i should have thought about that myself… especially because i know recall i had similar symptoms on my previous kubuntu installation, but there weren’t as bad (occasional little freezes…).

i’ll post the results tonight. thanks.

finally i installed the latest beta from nvidia. even though it’s not perfect, it looks more stable to me.

i noticed i cannot enable desktop effects in KDE 4, whatever the nvidia driver i use. any hints ? (i guess i should start another thread for this…)