Nvidia drivers stopping my updates?

I am unable to get the latest updates on my laptop.

I receive the following error from the updater:

PackageKit Error dep-resolution-failed: nvidia-gfxG02-kmp-trace-180.29_2.6.27.18_0.3-0.1.x86_64 requires kernel(trace:fs) = eaa038e67699313d, but this requirement cannot be provided

If you have installed the Nvidia drivers from Nvidia and the update is going to change the kernal by updating that you’ll have to uninstall the nvidia drivers first and then reinstall them after the update.


I opened YAST from the ‘run updates manually in YAST’ button on the error.

When it launches I get a dependency issue on the Kernel update with the following options:

  • de-installation of Nvidia-…
  • do not install kernel patch
  • Ignore some dependancies of nvidia-…

So you think I should go with the first option? Will I loose X?

Hi I went ahead and chose the option to uninstall the nvidia drivers.

After the kernel update YAST pulled down the new version for me so no need for me to manually install.

All is good, thanks!