Nvidia drivers not working (GEForce 7400 Go on openSuSE11.1)

Hi Everyone,
I had recently moved to openSuSE 11.1 from SLED 10. The problem is that I cannot enable the 3D desktop effects even though I have installed the proprietory NVidia drivers. (I get the NVidia logo at login time). Any possible reason?

Some details:
NVidia Card; Ge Force 7400 GO
openSUSE 11.1
In SLED the driver that used to get installed automatically was the legacy driver. It enabled all 3D effects. But in openSUSE nothing was autoselected. So I went for the legacy driver. But after I installed and rebooted, the X server could not start (some nvidia.ko could not load - device not found etc…). Then I uninstalled the legacy driver and went for the G02 driver. This brought up my X server (and the logo!) but no 3D effects :frowning:

Please help.


Have you tried rediscovering it with sax2 -r -m 0=nvidia and ticking 3D acceleration on the bottom?

Tried it several times. 3D checkbox is always enabled.
But of no avail. :frowning:
Can this be due to some kernel incompatibility?
But I the nvidia driver is supposed to come with a kernel version of its own, and the same is reflected in the GRUB entries.

Any suggestions?


I like NVidia’s hardware acceleration, but I’ve only gotten it to work when I compile their drivers myself - and that always gives the fastest 3D performance!

NVidia is what I always use, so I have the procedure down for compiling their drivers custom for your system - I find this easier than using YaST. Go to NVidia’s website and download their Linux driver (foo-bar-pkg2.run) and put it in your home directory. Use the file manager to change it’s properties and check the box “is executable.” Go to YaST and install the gcc compiler suite (it’s probably already installed). Then log off (not shut down) SuSE, then in the lower left-hand part of the logon screen, there’s a menu option to do a “console” login. This logs you into the command line. Log in as root, and:

#> cd /home/yourname

Then do

#> ./foo-bar-pkg2.run

It will ask you if you want to install the drivers - answer “yes” to everything and it will compile all drivers for your system. Tell it you want to install the drivers also and it will modify the system files. After you will be at the root prompt again. (at this point I can’t recall how to get back to the KDE logon screen - maybe it’s “exit” or else I just “reboot”)

After you log back on as yourself, you can run “nvidia-settings” and tell it how you want your monitors configured. Likely you have the wrong colors. If something has gone bzorken, you can logon as root again and

#> cd /etc/X11
#> ls
#> rm xorg.conf

There will be several other copies: xorg.conf.backup, xorg.conf.saxsave, xorg.conf.install, … just do:

#> mv xorg.conf.install xorg.conf


#> cp xorg.conf.install xorg.conf

…then reboot. (You can also try the other copies of xorg.conf.XXX.) You will be back where you started and you can try another fix, though I’ve had good luck with this on all my NVidia systems using 3D since the days of SuSE 10.1.


An extreme noob question here, do i do all the stuff with drivers before I connect the graphics card to my pc or after? It would make sense to do it before but just thought i’d check in case i start and lose the ability of using my screen or some other catastrauphic noob mistake…

Thanks in advance

And how would you like to do anything on your PC without a graphic card :)??

I tried using the drivers from NVidia. But when I tried to compile the driver, it did not compile and threw some error on version mismatch. Then I updated my kernel. But after I had built my kernel, I am unable to boot using the new kernel, let alone compile drivers on it :frowning:
I’ll try to debug the issue and keep posting updates.