nvidia drivers install question

I have a nvidia geforce 9600 gt . After installing suse 11 from the dvd I see that I am on the default nv driver.

After following the nvidia 1 click install link it informed me I was running the nvidia legacy driver and did not need to install a new driver.

My card is listed in suse11 but I am not getting any access to anything nividia based , like the ability to set up duel monitors.Could it be my card is not supported ?.What should I do ?

You need to use the main nvidia driver (not the legacy one).

If you use KDE4, maybe you should use the last beta driver (actually : 170.70) : it solve many many problem.

Check the NVnews forum to get it : 177.70 (BETA) for Linux x86/x86-64 released - nV News Forums

You will need to use the “hard way” to install it. Use the wiki page NVIDIA - openSUSE for instruction.