NVIDIA Drivers for Tumbleweed on Leap

I prefer to use the more stable Leap instead of Tumbleweed. However I would also like to use the newest stable linux kernel, but cannot since Leap NVIDIA driver is pre-built for the Leap version of the Linux kernel.

Thankfully NVIDIA drivers are now finally available for Tumbleweed:
These are pre-built for kernel 4.14.0-1

Would this driver work on Leap when using kernel 4.14.3 from Kernel Stable repository?

Have anyone tried to run the Tumbleweed NVIDIA on Leap?

I am a little hesitant afraid to experiment with this and break my system.
On one hand I want to run with the latest stable Linux kernel. With 4.14 as apposed to the old and aging 4.4
On the other hand I want to provide NVIDIA the easy way.

Until NVIDIA provided the driver built against Tumbleweed the only way to use the latest stable Linux kernel was to install NVIIDIA the hard way (which I do not want to do each time the kernel updates).

My rig is often used for gaming on Steam and thus running Leap provides me with stable libraries.

Won’t work.
The rpm packages require libglvnd, which is not available/used in Leap 42.x yet.

Btw, it’s not NVidia that builds the rpm packages, but (open)SUSE, NVidia just host them on their server as they are not allowed on OBS.

And the kernel module is being compiled on installation anyway, so you could also try the Leap packages/repo with a newer kernel. Although, you’d have to reinstall them (the kmp at least) after each kernel update.