Nvidia driver version question - 1 click install vs nvidia download

I noticed that the Nvidia driver installed by the 1 click install is version 195 whilst the driver on Nvidia’s web site is 256. Is there any reason why the 1 click is so far behind?

I tried installing the Nvidia driver the hard way on my ION based Acer Revo but it fails when compiling saying something about (very loosely paraphrasing here) “gcc is not of the same version as what the kernel was compiled with”. But that’s for another thread. The 1 click installed fine.

Ask NVIDIA! They provide the repo and the versionswhich is used for 1 click install.

OK I thought it was packaged as a one click by oS staff and they chose the version to package. May be a silly question, but why can’t the latest version 256 be packaged and provided as a one click by oS?

its not the version by os staff, because i have installed the version from os staff on saturday from Index of /repositories/home:/Yareg/openSUSE_11.3

and that was the 256 version. but since nvidia is up, yareg doesnt provide his package anymore.