nvidia driver scaling issues

i installed the nvidia drivers for my system, and once i installed them, i noticed 2 things:

  1. the scaling has gone all wonky (this happens on my computer during boot most of the time, but then fixes itself after it boots into windows, opensuse leap, etc. this time though, prior to installing the driver and allowing the mok key, it stayed weirdly scaled, with a monitor resolution of 1024x768 and a refresh rate of 76 hz (my monitor is 1920x1080 60hz) and has only one option (see attached screenshot) and pickes up my monitor as a generic monitor instead of a samsung syncmaster s27b350. also, the nvidia x server settings app won’t open.
  2. the boot screen no longer includes the leap logo at the bottom or the loading circle or the ibuypower logo that somehow got integrated into leap even though this is a windows machine, and instead has 3 small boxes that light up in sequence from left to right with a generic gray background.