Nvidia driver problems

Tumbleweed does not work with Repository nvidia drivers and 4.19 kernels ,for the moment I have uninstalled the new Kernel

Thanks, V_idocq. I’d better wait before my next zypper dup.

I see some threads related to nvidia and 4.14.9 in the opensuse-factory mailing list:


The 340.104 driver is working fine patched and installed the hard way with my 8800 GT.

Installed linux kernel 4.14.9-1 this morning, and I was surprised that nvidia 387.34 installed (the hard way) just fine. I had a patch file on hand expecting it to fail. I can only guess that the TW kernel maintainer reverted the offending mainline patch.

hay same issue as me here, after updating 4.19 kernels this early morning, it been crash, and i just go back to 4.18 kernel that i use to installing suse for boot.

thanks for community**.


I updated for 4.14.9-1 too and I can’t boot with nvidia drivers too.
I saw a "skipping udev rules - 80 drivers " during installation
I am back on the 4.14.8-1 atm

I saw that the first snapshot of 2018 just came out, decided to give zypper dup a whirl, now wish I hadn’t. Installation of the nvidia 384.98 driver “the hard way” failed.

I couldn’t get it with either 4.14.8 or 4.14.9 after the update. It would boot, but it wouldn’t start the graphical session, and everything would flicker, as though it’s reprinting everything in the terminal over and over. It would also miss keystrokes, making it near impossible to log in. I had to roll back the system.

At grub, press E for edit. Go to the linux (liunxefi?) line and at the end add “3”, and then press F10 to continue booting. That’ll solve the flicker. It’ll stop flickering after 30 or 60 seconds by the way. It’s just X trying to start over and over very rapidly for init 5 level.

TW 20180102 + kernel 4.14.9-1.5 + nvidia 387.34 (the hard way) works here.

The latest driver I found at https://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx is 384.98. OTOH, I found 387.34 (with a Nov. 24 release date) when I went to ‘Advanced Driver Search’ at https://www.nvidia.com/Download/Find.aspx.

In a factory mailing list message yesterday:


a user pointed to another source:


I just checked this, and see that a brand new version 390.12 is now available there, with a January 3 release date.

But: I have no idea of the pedigree of .run files from this source, if they’re alphas or betas or what, and/or if this brand new release addresses the recent build problems.

Has anyone here used drivers from http://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86_64/ ?

I was talking about Driver Nvidia from the Repository, I honestly did not try to compile the Nvidia.run Drivers

I just grabbed 390.12 to try. I get all my nvidia drivers from nvidia, why would they not be a good source that makes no sense …

390.12 seems to be working fine also

The driver directory http://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86_64/ lives at nvidia.com, but I can’t find any link pointing to it, and wonder if the drivers therein are intended only for developers / judged unready for public distribution. I believe that the latest official release of the Nvidia driver is 384.98.

(This was also pointed out in one of the factory list messages: https://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse-factory/2018-01/msg00043.html )

BUT!!!, with that said: alpha, beta, doodle, or whatever it is, I just successfully installed 390.12 after a zypper dup, and have an up-to-date system once again. Thank you, xorbe, for testing it out. I don’t have to figure out how to go back to nouveau, at least not yet.

Ah ha!


I think it’s a beta.

When installing manually, you can use the --dkms option, provided that you install dkms first. dkms will trigger a rebuild of the nvidia module on a kernel update.

Thanks for the tip, Knurpht! I hadn’t known about the --dkms option.

That said, however: would dkms have helped in this particular situation? The 384.98 nvidia driver wouldn’t build after zypper dup brought in the 4.14.9 kernel. I had to download the 390.12 nvidia beta.

the new nvidia 384.111 came out but I can not install them because it does not let me enter init 3, why?

How do you try to enter?