Nvidia driver plus multihead desktop on laptop -> How?


Since 11.4 I am having troubles with getting the correct config on my desktop.
I am using a laptop, which means a lot of switching between various monitors en projectors.

If I start nvidia GUI to change everything works (only as root user). But with the tool from KDE it is not possible to detect any other display than the one from my laptop. It is complaining about randr.

However. Nvidia works fine, but I hat it to restart X every time etc. I am using an Xorg with nvidia tool which is not preferable in 11.4.

How can I solve this.

Btw I have nvidia installed manual (latest version from nvidia website)

Dear TUDstudent,

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First of all, sorry for that. Already received a PM from a admin.
He/She said they were going to move it to english section.

But of course I could also ask the question in Dutch. geen probleem, had het alleen over het hoofd gezien.

hey TUDStudent

what nvidia driver have you installed? Run nvidia-settings, the name of the driver in use is printed on the gui that pops up?

post your nvidia driver and card in the meantime maybe reinstall driver :
SDB:NVIDIA drivers - openSUSE
on my laptop I had some issues with nvidia before and basically reinstall and updating helped.

Driver is working fine.
It is: 270.41.06
Installed manually, not used the repository.

Only problem I have is, that without or with xorg.conf I cannot use the easy display setting tool in opensuse:
Configure Desktop -> Display and Monitor -> Size and Orientation

I need to use nvidia settings (as a root user to change any setting in my user environment which is kind of a lot of work. With this I also need to restart X every time to make changes work.