nvidia driver on a Toshiba-Laptop

Hallo, to you all,
after reading a lot of (or even all?) posts about nvidia cards here, after installing the nvidia driver (this was sucsessfull so far - I have the nvidia settings here), there is still the intel driver in use :(.
As I wrote in the post “nvidia driver broken”, I just wanted to stay with the intel driver, but this one is too bad.
If I try to use two monitors, the right one has a very low resolution and breaks down every time the mouse hits it (For example in Gimp, when the file is on the big screen and the tools are on the small one, you can´t choose a new tool. If you do so, the screen crashes). Not usefull for work>:(.

It is a Toshiba Laptop Satellite A 660, with an Arrandale Integrated Graphics Controller and a NVIDIA GT 330 M Graphics Controller as well.
By tipping

/sbin/lspci -nnk

the system shows me, that intel is on 00:02.0 and the nvidia is on 01:00.0
unfourtunately it is not possible to deactivate the intel-card in BIOS, because there is no post for it in there.
I am using the openSuse 11.3, 64 bit Version. The nvidia driver 260.19.21 is installed, but not working.
“Nomodeset” and “Yes” in NO_KMS_IN_INITRD (as read in the post for nvidia cards) are set (which I do not really understand, because on my PC there is running 11.3, 64 bit with two nvidia cards in SLI, stable and smooth,without any changes. Installing from DVD, installing the nvidia drivers, rebooting, ready! :)Why do I have these problems with the Laptop?)

Now my question: How can I deactivate the intel graphic card?
What can I do, to use the nvidia driver?

Thanks for all answers!

I don’t have such hardware, so I can not say with any more than speculation as to what might be the way to go about this. Still, you could take a look at this thread (and consider blacklisting): Switchable graphics - how do I disable one of the video drivers?

First of all: Thanks, oldcpu

I often wonder, where you find all these posts - not only in this case…

To my problem: After reading the whole story and trying to understand the scripts, I´ve tried to do the same way on my Laptop. The problem was, that I could not find a vgaswitcheroo-modul.
So the suggestes way did not work for me.
So the next problem, or stupid question was generated: Is there any way to bring this module up?

I confess I was speculating more at blacklisting the graphic module you do not want loaded by adding it to the 50-blacklist.conf file, and then running mkinitrd (as described in the thread)/

Yes, I know.
And my first try was to blacklist the intel driver in the 50-blacklist.conf. But this had no effect. After mkinitrd in runlevel 3 and rebooting, there was still the intel driver running! Don´t know why!