NVIDIA Driver Installation

I read over the installation instructions given here. However, they make reference to two versions: openSUSE 11.3-IA32 and openSUSE 11.3-AMD64. I have a 64-bit Intel system; are these instructions only for AMD chips, or do they refer to something else?

I understand the confusion. Basically the way to go is simple:

When asked to accept a key during the process, accept it.

First, update your system:
Start Yast - Online Update, perform the update. This will probably tell you to reboot, do so.

Then, add the repository for the NVIDIA driver:
Start Yast - Software - Software Repositories.
Click Add
Tick “Repositories maintained by the community”, click OK
Check the box for the “NVIDIA” repository, click OK.

Next, install the driver:
Start Yast - Software - Software Management
If all is well, the NVIDIA driver packages will be autoselected for install.

If you get stuck anywhere, get back here.