NVIDIA Driver install - system stuck at 1024x768 screen resolution

I did nvidia proprietary driver install using “easy way” with yast and added nvidia repo. Now system is stuck at 1024x768 display mode.

In yast software manager, I selected g05 files (nvidia-gl05, nvidia-computeg05, and x11-video-nvidiag05) and software install added a bunch more files including kmp and a preempt development kernel. The preempt kernel itself is not installed, only default kernel.

Boot is ok just final screen resolution. I did boot using nomodeset and went to same resolution as without nomodeset.
Yast display says 1024x768 is max. I need means to get resolution up to 1920x1080.

System is leap 15.2, dual boot with windows 10, secure boot off in bios, linux, and windows. Using mate desktop but gnome, kde and others are installed.

thanks for any guidance, tom kosvic

Amazingly, I did several reboots with and without nomodeset and trying older and current kernels but basically changed nothing and the system starting up in 1920x1080. I did several power off reboots amongst those.

I believe, thus far, that it is fixed. At least until the next time it happens.

tom kosvic

You have to see, that the nvidiaG0x-kmp-default and kernel-default is installed and kernel-default is running.

nomodeset is not needed anymore because there is a blacklist file:

grep -i ‘blacklist nouveau’ /etc/modprobe.d/*
/etc/modprobe.d/nvidia-installer-disable-nouveau.conf:blacklist nouveau

Per questions from above response, uname -a says I am running kernel-default. Also, nvidiaG05-kmp-default is installed but so was nvidiaG05-kmp-preempt. I deleted nvidiaG05-kmp-preempt and reinstalled nvidiaG05-kmp-default. I am booting into the 1920x1080 resolution now repeatedly.

I have another issue of very long boot times now. I will start a separate thread on that issue.

thanks for help, tom kosvic


systemd-analyze blame