NVIDIA driver install on 2.6.33rc6

For those, who want to use the 2.6.33-rc6 kernel and have trouble installing the NVIDIA 195.36.03 driver, that’s supposed to work:

Boot into runlevel 3,
Add “blacklist nouveau” to /etc/modprobe.d/50-blacklist.conf
Reboot into runlevel 3
Install NVIDIA driver
init 5 && exit


installed with -Uvh 2.6.33rc6
but the old kernel was stil there and active
2 source maps

1e No fastboot with that kernel
2e RT65pci wont connect top WAP
3e messed up symlinks for source
4e nvidia 195.36.03 does compile but wont install
nvidia.ko error is not the same gcc between
kernel en installer on system
and a hose other errors in the instal log

so back to with working nvidia driver

No fast boot? Difference between 2.6.31 and 2.6.33 is about 10 secs, from GRUB to login.
If you read the messages carefully ( I checked gcc etc, all OK there), it says that the device may be “held” by another driver, for example riva or nvidiafb. This, and knowing about the nouveau driver being in 2.6.33, brought me to the idea, that the nouveau driver might be the cause of installer failure. So I blacklisted nouveau and tried the installer once again, succesfully this time.

This JFYI.