Nvidia driver cannot compile kernel module

Hello! After latest system update Nvidia driver (384.90) isn’t able to compile kernel module when installing “the hard way”. Driver from repository doesn’t work either (I only get flickering console login with them, could never get them to work anyway but manual install was fine until now). Nouveau also doesn’t want to cooperate - I get as far as blank screen with coursor.
Any help would be appreciated. Please keep in mind that I’m typing from phone so pretty limited on what log output I can provide.

Replying to myself because I’m apparently blind and can’t find “edit post” option: problem seems to be solved (for now at least!) by installing libelf-dev and libglvnd devel libraries. Fingers crossed!

No, you are not blind. Posts are only editable for a few minutes.
BTW, thanks for sharing the solution.

Yes, building kernel modules requires libelf-devel now, but that dependency was missing.

Should be fixed with the next kernel update. (irrelevant if you installed it manually anyway of course)

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