nvidia driver 190.42 problem

Hello, I faced a problem after installing Nvidia driver 190.42 on 11.2 rc2 x64. Description is short :slight_smile: : I can not login into because a screen is black… I can see nothing even a mouse pointer… Boot menu gives 2 options-standart and failsafe but both does not work.

Have you observed the usual prerequisites for manual installation?

same problem here. i have nvidia Geforce GT 230M. Keyboard, mouse and screen (black screen like the power of the display is off,after the use of the driver) are freezed even if i remotely log in and switch into init 3. I have to remotely-safely reboot, start suse into init 3 and configure xorg with sas2-vesa.

well if about prerequisites. I installed what was needed - gcc;make,kernel etc. Install in init 3 went smooth with all confirmations but after that - just a black screen.

Have you used sax2 -r 0m 0=nvidia after the installation?

I had no problems at all with 190.42 on 11.2 RC2. I have the 8800GT.

The thing is that after install I got that problem -just a black screen and there is no way to get into command line. Help appreciated. Mine card is Geforce 7600M.

It might be some BUG within the drivers, unfortunatelly because of their closed source nature we can’t help much but to propose to check other version of drivers.

Before you boot, in the options line type init 3 in order to configure Xorg to use vesa fb. then login as root and run sax2-vesa. Then switch into init 5. I also believe it might be some BUG within the driver.

Does ctrl > alt > F1 take you to text mode from your black screen? If it does you can fix your display from there.

Log in as root, then type

rcxdm stop

Make sure the nvidia module is loaded:

lsmod | grep nvidia

If it’s not:

modprobe nvidia


rcxdm start

to get back to the gui.

Found this a couple of times last week. Reverting to previous beta 190.40 solved matters.

here is what i found: the driver works fine if i connect an external monitor on my sony vaio vpccw series. i have a black screen in my laptop’s monitor, like it is powered off, and in the external monitor (CRT-0) the driver works fine. But that is the problem: it cannot detects the lcd of my laptop. Is it possible to use a specific flag in the Xorg’s configuration file or in the nvidia-settings so that the driver can detect the monitor of my laptop?

After google search i found the solution to the current drivers problem. My nvidia GeForce GT 230M work perfectly now with the 190.42 driver. Please read:
G210m Blank Laptop Display - Page 2 - nV News Forums

It is not. You have no 3D, no compositing, because it’s using the VESA driver now. This happens a lot with 190.42 driver. To solve matters, download the 190.40 driver version (ftp://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/), uninstall 190.42, and install 190.40 ‘the hard way’. That will give you a working desktop, with full effects and 3D.

Of course i use the nvidia driver :wink: . If you read further you can realize that the solution to the problem is in the #22 post of the link i gave you before. So following the detailed and very useful steps of

nV News Forums - View Single Post - G210m Blank Laptop Display

you should overcome the temporary 190.42 driver’s problem.

I suggest after backing up the xorg.conf, create a new one with nvidia-xconfig and then edit it appending the following lines to the Section “Device”:

Option “ConnectedMonitor” “DFP-0”
Option “CustomEDID” “DFP-0:/etc/X11/youredid.bin”

Sorry, missed something, or did something strange with my mousepad. Forget about the post.

I don’t have, and don’t want an xorg.conf anymore. My Wacom tablets work out of the box without. No doubt NVIDIA is going to fix this in the next beta release. 190.40 works like a charm.

Without opening a new thread, I´d like to add my two small question to this thread. Currently I´ve installed the latest NVIDIA driver (should be 190.42).
Lately my intention was to use CUDA in order to efficiently use my computing power.

  1. Is it necessary to un-install the “normal” driver and then use CUDA?
  2. Does NVIDIA provide a CUDA-Repository for the latest CUDA-drivers somewhere?

Thanks for allowing to here, deivisposkus.

Maybe you need to check your own posts, the quadra one from
August… :wink:

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Puh. I guess it’s monday. THANKS again, malcomlevis. I’ve been asking if they provide a repository for CUDA though. That way I wouldn’t have to uninstall the old driver, load the new one and install by hancd again…

i have nvidia Geforce GT 230M. Keyboard, mouse and screen (black screen like the power of the display is off,after the use of the driver) are freezed even if i remotely log in and switch into init 3. I have to remotely-safely reboot, start suse failsafe mode to use the opensuse. Any one know how to solve this problem?

You bet. What have you been doing to the driver that came with the distro? Use the right driver for your system. Usually the Repo should add and install the right one for you. First off, you should locate the driver installer package (if you “updated” your driver that way) and uninstall that package in runlevel 3. After booting into runlevel 5 you should see your screen again.