nvidia display problems

Hello, I’m pretty new to Linux and decided to try out opensuse. After I installed it and ran all the updates I then installed nvidia driver via the 1-click installation file on opensuse’s website. My gpu is a 770. After the install was complete I rebooted. Now two of my four monitors are flashing colors rgw black and then followed by some other random stuff. My other two monitors work fine. One is a TV run through a receiver and the other is an old crt. The two problem monitors are 2560x1440 monitors from korea. I believe the problem is related to the monitors not having a scaler built in which means they can’t output resolutions under 2560x1440. On the other two monitors I opened the nvidia control panel and it says their resolutions are both 800x600 with no option to increase. Being new to Linux I have no idea where to start. Thanks in advance for the help and sorry for any obvious mistakes I may have made. Also monitors worked fine before installing drivers except I want to play games.

I think this is best asked at the hardware forums
in the meanwhile
try nouveau driver
arch has a nice wiki for multimonitor setups

If the res is not reported to the OS correctly then you are going to have very low defaults. In essence the monitor is not talking to the OS. Normal solution is to create a mode line for each res you want and add it to the xorg.conf.d files

Also you did not say which desktop and there are some settings that are personal thus you need to say which desktop.

Also it is not clear if the NVIDA card is the only GPU? Does the processor have a built in one. If so turn it off in the BIOS


Just to verify that the nvidia driver is being used you could try this command as root (open terminal and type su followed by your root password):

lspci -nnk | grep -i vga -A3 | grep 'in use'