Nvidia card for a new motherboard

today I try my NVidia card Geforce GTX 295 at the start up I can`t see nothing only black screen. My tech. try with my old Nvidia card it works.

Could you please help me out which motherboard should I get.

I`m very happy that you can help me out.


If you were using a legacy nvidia card the new one needs to be configure with new drivers line nvidia-kernel and nvidia-glx , these days is Version: 180.44 look for it on repositories or
download it for manual install from Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers
there are many instructions on this forum on how to do a manual install so just do a search for it.:expressionless: or look in here http://en.opensuse.org/NVIDIA#The_easy_way_to_get_NVIDIA

My motherboard is a 21/2- 3years old.
Okay so I take of my cable from the power supply I dont have power at all, so I open the Box and install brand new NVidia card Geforce GTX 295. After wards i install 700W power supply and everything is installed I turn my computer on,what is happen I cant see anything .
So it must be 100% the motherboard is it.

The one thing is that I can`t see anything how can I download any software or upgrade Nvidia driver?:\

I guess this is the card?
GeForce GTX 295 Performance: Previewed : Introduction - Review Tom’s Hardware

I’m unclear where you are at in all this?
But it sounds like your system works with your old card, but when you put this one in - you get a black screen?
Does this you mean you don’t even get Grub?

Try a live cd to see how that behaves and report back.

The problem is I take the old Graphic card out and install the new GeForce GTX 295 .
We stard up the computer nothing happening,it`s dead black screen.
But when we put to my friend computer I believe the motherboard is only 1/2 years old it work aand it is very fast.I told him it is my motherboard and he told me yes.
Please caf4926 what you can tell me ,I need second opinion:.

Cheers my friend.


OK Try this:

Put the SUSE install dvd in the dvd drive and shut down the PC.

Now put the New Graphics card in and start the PC. (This assumes you have cd/dvd first to boot).

Report what you see when the DVD boots, do you get the normal green install/boot screen?


I don`t have the graphic card it is in my friend place and when I get there next week or in 2 weeks from today I let you know,what is happening.
Because we see first hand and take the DVD with me,I let you know A.S.A.P .
See yeah later;)