Nvidia blob only kind of working

Hi there,

I haven’t used openSUSE in quite some time, so I’m not that familiar with it.
I added the Nvidia community-repository and installed the nvidia-blob (G03). It does seem to work, kind of.
Compositing the Gnome-desktop works fine. But games like supertuxkart run much slower than i remember.
XBMC will not even start because of missing hardware acceleration. And glxinfo reports this weird OpenGL string:
SUSE Paste

My card should support OpenGL 3.3.
As you can see my card is a 9800 GT, which should be supported by the driver.
I also tried the G02 version, but that one didn’t even render my desktop :frowning:

Thx for any help in advance

I guess this is pretty much what happened to me:
nvidia 325 drivers fall back to openGL 2.1.2 :: Steam for Linux General Discussions
No direct rendering for me either.

Are you guys sue you are actually running the NVIDIA driver? Sounds like you may be falling back to a lesser drive

It is allways kind to others to at least tell what version of openSUSE you are talking about, but IMHO it is even more important with NVIDIA driver questions.

Sorry, I’m on 13.1 x64.
And I already found a solution to my problem on the web:



I had the same problem and all i had to do to activate direct rendering was add my user to the video group and after a reboot direct rendering was enabled.

hope this helps.

That did the trick.
But just to be sure: Is this something you have to do manually, or is openSUSE suppost to add you automatically to the “video”-group?

No to both.
You shouldn’t have to be part of the “video” group at all. Systemd-logind should give your user the necessary access permissions to the nvidia card. (On 12.3 this didn’t happen yet so you had to add your user to the “video” group, but that was fixed later by an update)
If this doesn’t happen, there can be two reasons:

  • A regression in systemd that it doesn’t give you the correct permissions for the nvidia card
  • Your user’s session is not registered correctly, this would also give you other problems as a consequence.

Could you please post the output of the following commands run as your user?

getfacl /dev/nvidia*

Here you go =)
SUSE Paste

getfacl /dev/nvidia*
# file: dev/nvidia0
# owner: root
# group: video

# file: dev/nvidiactl
# owner: root
# group: video

You got access to /dev/nvidiactl, but not /dev/nvidia0…

Looks like this bug should be reopened then: