Nvidia Asus gtx 1060 and X instability

I have a very particular problem with a new gtx 1060 card. Everything is fine until the system resumes from suspend. First sign is that the circular user symbols above user names on the greater have coloured squares within the circles. On logging in, if i launch world of warcraft in wine, the whole desktop freezes and crashes with some odd colour flashing. If i change back to a gtx 770 card the problem does not re-occur.

Im running the G04 nvidia driver (375) from the community repo via yast.

Strangely enough similar problems occur in my ubuntu 14.04 install (pc is dual boot) running nvidia 378 driver from the repo

Could someone kindly point me in the right direction for finding out what might be happening before i send the card back to the store.

I was going to post the xorg.0. log but it a big one. If there is some sort of paste bin thing please explain how to use it.


It is likely a problem with the drivers rather then the card. Might check on the NVIDIA web site and see if they have any experimental ones sometimes they do. Fact is the makers do not support Linux all that well. Sometime many issues are slow or never resolved