NVidia and opensuse - how to treat the issues with the driver

dear Linux-experts and friends

well i earlier had tons of issues with Nvidia

And now i am rigth in front of the upgrade process from Suselinux 12.3 to 13.1

i heard of a patch and a HowTo that also will fit the needs and conditions of Opensuse

see here: Compile Nvidia driver 331.17 and 319.60 against kernel 3.11 | linuxsysconfig

Well one question though;

what can ido with this patch!? When should i do the installation of this patch?

Forget about those patches!
Those were only needed for earlier versions of the driver, the latest ones (304.116 and 331.20) should work fine without a patch.

And because the official repo finally is available for 13.1 since today, you could just install the driver “the easy way” (or “the repository way”):
SDB:NVIDIA drivers - openSUSE

hello dear Wolfi

many many thanks! You helped me alot!

greetings :wink: