NVidia and Kernel doesn't match..?

I have a douldt about upgrade or not my kernel …
I’m running an oS 11.1 64bits with a nvidia card and nvidia proprietary driver installed, a new kernel is avaible but it seems that the nvidia kernel mode doesn’t match…

Current kernel: and nvidia 180.22_2.6.27.7_9.1-4.1

Available kernel: and nvidia modulo 180.29._2.6.27.18_0.3-0.1

The question is, will that nvidia modulo work with that new kernel…?

the numbers doesn’t match …!!!

This happend also with me when i was installing the v185 Beta driver from Nvidia. Since i had an older version, the installation-script couldn’t uninstall the old Kernel-module. The sollution was to uninstall Nvidia-driver in Yast and also remove Nvidia-repository from Installation source.

Then i boot up in init 3 and run the installation-script. Now it manage to build new kernel-modules and everything worked fine!


Tks for reply ronnys.

Soh the answer is no , will not work …

I have and i’ll install the nvidia drive manually.

Just my two cents .

That will not be a big trouble for me but i do believe that timing is very very important for neebs … a few neebs (include my dady and my sister) that are running oS they live the update applet always on and with just a “confirmation click” they will upgrade the system and on next boot they will get (probably) no X… this is really bad for neebs, they panic when they see a black screen…

And this is not happen only with oS, i saw that happen on Ubuntu,Fedora,Mandriva… as well…

I don’t know who’s to blame , seems that kernel development is really fast and proprietary drivers cannot keep up…or distros cannot keep up … i don’t know…but i do know that for a neeb point of view this is a nightmare.

If i’m saying too much b****it, my sincere apologizes.

pls if u guys know any thread about this , send me a link, i would like to know more about.