Nvidia 970 or AMD r9 270x 4GB Dual-X?

Okay so I have decided it is time for a new GPU in my system, as I do a lot of heavy gaming, VMs and recently started programming, and I am running a 6870 1GB, I was thinking maybe a Nvidia 970 GPU, but I know about Nvidia in Linux, and the fact even Linus had a go at them, which worries me a little bit, so I need some sound professional advice with my choice of GPUs.

Now I like to use QEMU/KVM for my VMs, I find it very easy to use, and just works for me, but I was thinking of PCI Passthrough for playing my games, so I can run a minimal OpenSUSE system, and leave gaming to Windows, as I plan to play games like the new CoD and The Witcher 3.

Now I hear that PCI Passthrough is rather difficult and maybe not even possible with Nvidia, and that they refuse to open their systems so we can take advantage of their systems, where as AMD is more open.

My second question is about 3.17 and AMDs update, I hear that they are opening a large part of the Catalyst system and moving it to Open Source, by this I mean they are moving the modules into the kernel reducing problems that are known with updating the kernel and then having to mess about with FGLRX.

So based on your knowledge which would you suggest? the r9 270x 4GB or a 970? I will also be using Windows 10 come to a point, I will be able to get a student licence via OU, so I plan to take advantage of it for games.

What should I do then? Dual boot with Nvidia, or attempt a KVM with AMD…

Many thanks!


I have the GTX 970 and I find it great.
I had some troubles to install the driver but finally found a simple solution : download it on nvidia website, make it executable and run the file with --no-x-check option. It’s really simple.

The card and driver also work fine on windows 10 (Technical preview).
Moreover, the GTX 970 has new technologies such as MFAA and DSR that could be interesting for games.

I don’t know the R9…