Nvidia 8600gts, oS 12.1, install hangs with colored lines across black screen

I will try to do an install tonight and see how it goes. Yeah, I’m doing 12.1.
Thanks for the explanation

This setting is for Grub2 only (Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora 16x, Debian Squeeze, etc) . The file /etc/default/grub doesn’t exist in openSUSE 12.1 … unless you installed Grub2, but I bet you didn’t.

Correct, I am not using Grub2.

I tried the nomodeset at install and it worked! However, being the Ungenius that I am, I told grub to install to the MBR, and thus I can’t load OpenSUSE after reboot. So I’ll have to do another install, which isn’t a big deal. Just wanted to give an update.
So my plan is to re-install and then install the nvidia driver. I will let you know how it goes.

well, if grub is now on the MBR, how is a re-install of openSUSE going to remove grub from the MBR ? or do you mean re-install of an OS other than openSUSE ?

… anyway, … I’m no expert in this and I will yield to the experts. … I’m just saying … (puzzling … ) …

BTW you don’t need to re-install any OS if all you want is to reinstall either Legacy Grub or Grub2 whether in MBR or anywhere else. This can be done from a Linux live system by using the command grub, etc (Re-Install Grub Quickly with Parted Magic) for Legacy Grub or with grub-install for Grub2 from an Ubuntu or similar live CD.