Nvidia 5900xt issue

Hi everyone! hope someone can help me

i been having an issue with suse 11 and installing the nvidia drivers. I been using suse since 10.1 and i am very familiar with installing the drivers using the drivers provided by the nvidia site, i have also used the one click installer before. for some reason i can not get the drivers to work properly on suse 11. it was running fine on 10.3

the problem
i have installed the last three drivers, all where compiled by the nvidia installer. all say it was compiled successfully, but non work.
the main issue is that the computer crashes everytime i start x with the “nvidia” drivers, if i change the value to “nv” on the xorg.conf file the computer will start x
i am running a dual acer 19 wide screen lcds.

for clarification when i say the computer crashes i mean that the monitors do not receive a signal, the keyboard is non responsive, even a remote ssh to the machine is not successful.
which leads me to believe that maybe my mother board has gone bad sometime between using suse 10.3 and the suse 11 installation. i think this is unlikely but i can not explain why the pc is crashing.

this is driving me crazy, i been playing with these for a few weeks when i have time. but for now i just boot my machine to init3 so that i can still have my apache and ftp server running.

any help would be appreciated