nVidia 390.25 : it works (via the hard way) w/20180124

Driver link:



Linux version 4.14.14-1-default (geeko@buildhost) (gcc version 7.2.1 20180116 [gcc-7-branch revision 256737] (SUSE Linux)) #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed Jan 17 09:26:10 UTC 2018 (eef6178)

Thank you, xorbe. Also worked for me (the hard way) for snapshot 20180201 and the 4.15 kernel

Thanks, I took the 4.15.1 plunge with 20180206 due to your success report, and 390.25 still works unsurprisingly.

Fyi, it is reported that kernel 4.16-rc1 is currently incompatible with nVidia 390.25 driver. (Tumbleweed is only offering 4.15.2 currently, but just a heads up.)

After the last zypper dup from the repo Nvidia these 390.25 drivers have arrived, and they do not work, I have passed the hard way with Nvidia384.111.run
Tumbleweed Release: 20180210
Kernel Release: 4.15.2-1-default

It might help to add your user to the “video” group. (and maybe the user “sddm” as well, if you are using sddm as login manager)

The problem is known meanwhile and will hopefully be fixed soon…

Thanks for the answer, but these are things I’ve already done.
Lately the Repo drivers fail often, so I keep two Nvidia.run drivers in the / home

Well after adding the sddm to video it’s working. But it’s slugish, window animations are all gone. Not that this is important, it just gives you a sense that something is broken underneath.

You need to add your user to the “video” group as well.

Rpms for Nvidia driver 390.25 are broken. Today’s zypper up on Leap 42.3 left me with black sddm screen (only cursor visible). I had to uninstall all 4 rpms then mkinitrd then reboot and zypper rm drm-kmp-default. Afterwards I went “hard way” with nvidia installer.
Please fix this issue.

Well, they are not completely broken.
Actually the problem is triggered by a change in the driver itself, which resets the device file permissions resulting that users cannot access them anymore.

As I wrote, a workaround is to add your user (and the user “sddm”) to the “video” group, as it will have the necessary permissions then.

Please fix this issue.

This is a user forum. Nobody here will fix anything.

But the package maintainer is aware of this problem and the cause has been found already, so it should be fixed soon.

It should not have happened. I was not aware of the workaround and moreover invoked update remotely via ssh. When I physically sat at the workstation the screen was totally black !

Yes, you’re right. Sorry about this.

Ok, thanks for the link. I will be keeping up with that. It’s quite irritating for regular user.

No. But it did.
Bugs and mistakes happen.

Btw, this thread is actually not about the nvidia RPM packages, but running 390.25 installed via the .run installer.
The problems since yesterday with the RPM packages are actually off-topic here.