nvidia 32bit dependencies

This might be a silly post but I’m kind of new to the x64 world as I use to run a 32bit OS.
so nvidia for Leap is out:
I installed G03 what got my attention is the masive amount of 32bit libraries the driver pulled, is this normal?
here’s a yast screenshot as I installed it with yast not zypper
are all these 32 bit so’s needed?

When I install the nvidia driver the hard way, it asks if I want it to also install 32-bit nvidia libraries.

My guess is that when installed from the repo, it does install the 32-bit nvidia library, and that has dependencies on other 32-bit libraries which are then pulled in.

I am admittedly just guessing here.

The 64bit nvidia packages contain both the 32bit and the 64bit driver version.

The 32bit version is necessary to run 32bit applications.