nvidia 270.29 (beta) works with 32bit installation?

since i’m subscribed to a bug re. oS 32bt plasma / crashing with nvidia drivers later than 253-whatever, i just received this email:

I install new beta driver from
ftp://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/270.29/ and now plasma work!


i’m using 64bit and never experienced these plasma crashes, but i have been aware of them for a really long time now. would be good if other users (32bit) could try & confirm this.

Well, I have a 32 bit system and there is not an NVIDIA.270.29 driver listed. There is an NVIDIA.270.26 -but- that one did not work. I had to drop back to NVIDIA.260.19.36. Please read the posting about “Blacklist file replacement” for further details.

Well I know openSUSE is a good distribution, but if you pardon the expression, “have a little faith” … we should not blind our eyes to what else is out on the street even if openSUSE lags a bit. If one looks at the nVidia forum, it is CLEAR that 270.26 is NOT the current beta driver, but rather 270.29 is the current beta driver.

The packagers for openSUSE can not keep up with every beta driver version, so if one wants the latest then one needs to open their view to more than what is just available on openSUSE repositories. Linux after all (IMHO), is Linux.

Take a look at:
Current NVIDIA Linux graphics driver releases - nV News Forums

That makes it clear the beta driver IS 270.29 and that in turn points to:
270.29 (beta) for Linux x86/x86_64 released - nV News Forums

which in turn points to the driver FTP directory:

and that can be installed by 32-bit users ‘the hardway (which is not hard)’.