NVIDIA 180.44 and powerdevil

Has anyone else had problems with NVIDIA drivers 180.44 and powerdevil? I installed the 180.44 drivers and now powerdevil won’t work. When I go to the powerdevil config module in systemsettings it says that another powermanagement program is running and I need to shut it down. My auto-suspend is no longer working.

I do not powersaved on my system, so it isn’t that. The only powermanagement program I have on my system is powerdevil. I have looked through all the logs I can, and I don’t see anything different from before 180.44 to after. I’m stumped. Does powerdevil have a specific log that it keeps information in?

I will uninstall 180.44 driver and then install 180.22 and re-load the module and see what happens.

If you are certain you have delete all Powersave .rpm’s
Try deleting the config file powerdevilrc
And start again setting it up again.

Caf4926 - thanks for the reply. I did some digging before I saw your post. I tried the 180.29 driver and had the same problem. So I went through YaST and found that the powersavelibs were still installed. I removed them and it is working now.


I have re-installed the new 180.44 driver and it works great.