Nvidia 1-click drivers and desktop not loading


Yesterday I downloaded opensuse and installed it as a dualboot on my laptop. Everything went well till I got too confident and tried to install the nvidia 1-click drivers.

It all seemed to go well, and I changed some display options, trying to get it to work with my lcd display.

Now, when I boot from the hard drive (I installed from a live cd) it stops at init 5, refuses to load the desktop and drops me at a working command line.

The base desktop works fine when I boot using the livecd (as now!) but how do I undo the changes I made, or correct them, so I can boot the desktop?

Brand new noob to Linux, so be gentle!!!


At the CLI, login with username and password, then type: su
followed by root password

now type: sax2 -r

When it’s done, reboot

Hi, thanks for your reply!!!

I followed your instructions, it says no sax server is running and that it will start it’s own, then, at sax: startup, it dies with the error message

xc: sorry could not start configuration server

Skimming through the specified log file it seems to fall over because it can’t find the nvidia module.



I suspect the driver is not properly installed. To try getting you back to some kind of desktop do this when booting the PC:

Pause the boot by moving the down arrow, then back up to the default boot. But now press backspace, it should delete any text where you can see: vga=0x…
Remove all text and now type just the number:
and hit enter
at the login type your user name and then password
now type:
then the root password
now type this:
sax2 -r -m 0=vesa
(N.B. the 0 is a zero not a letter)
now reboot: type:** reboot**
if you don’t get a gui login
login as user at cli and try this at the cli

Now, I am REALLY impressed!!!

Followed your instructions, on the reboot it booted straight into the desktop - after detecting my card and screen and suggesting a screen resolution that fitted my widescreen!!! Never had that before, even off the default install!!!


Now going to hide in corner to learn how to use suse, before I step out into the light again to try and update video drivers!!!



Make a note of it, you may need it again. I install drivers manually. If you decide to try it, you will need to remove the current nvidia repositories and packages.
Then get the driver from nvidia:
Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers

Alright so here is how to install the nvidia driver manually, in case the one in the repo doesn’t work or u just want to use the latest.
Go to Yast>Software>Software Management
Search for and install if you don’t have these:

Now download the latest Nvidia driver:
Place the file in your /home/username
Now restart and at the boot screen, pause the boot by moving the down button, then move back up and clear any text in the boot arguments by holding backspace. Then just type the number: 3
At the login
Type root then enter and then your root password and press enter.
now type
cd /home/username
*Now remember you can use the {TAB} key to auto complete
so type:
and the whole file name should auto complete
eg: sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-185.18.36-pkg1.run
Follow the installer and let it compile the kernel module for you.
Say Yes to everything
Use TAB to move around