Nvdia Controller..help..thx

hi (im new in linux), i just had got a problemme with the drivers, i mean this: 185.18.14. the point is, when i installed it (using yast) and then rebooted, screen was blinking:sarcastic:, so i uninstalled it. i had the same problemme in widnows with the same version ( 185.18.14), so i want to install an older one(archived) but i do not know where i can get it… well i do (NVIDIA Driver Downloads - Advanced Search), but i do not know how to install it. if you can help i would appreciate that… by the way my video card is: nvidia 7300 GT (xfx)…(sry for my English)

Hi There
I would refer you to the following two guides:

First, try the instructions on this page:

If that does not work, then try these instructions:
(Be aware – if you use these instructions…and you recompile/update your kernel, you will have to do these steps again.

NVIDIA/The hard way - openSUSE

hey thx… the first option worked… thx thx thx

no problem