nutcpc on openSUSE

Hi I have openSUSE 11.3 x64 installed on my laptop and I need to install nutcpc but the problem is openSUSE doesn’t include it in its repos nor does it have any RPM’s for it however Fedora and Mandriva do provide RPMs for this package. Is it save to install the Fedora or Mandriva RPM’s on openSUSE or should I compile it myself?


Generally not a good idea to use foreign RPM’s all the distos do things a little different. Compiling from source is safest

I would say that in general, if you install a program compiled for another distribution, you would want to make sure that you were using the same kernel version and desktop. Since this is almost never true, it would not be advisable to take such an undertaking. You might be able to install from the source code however. I did not attempt to figure it all our, but it looked like source code was present at the following site:

NuFW Project Homepage

You could give it a try, though you will have other issues in that you might have the correct prerequisites loaded for the source code to compile, as well the right compiler and so forth, but it does not hurt to try. There was also a forum present where you could ask for help. Lastly, you kind of have to determine if a similar application exists in openSUSE that could do the same thing for you.

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Thanks guys

I will try compiling from source. That seems to be the way to go. Unfortunatly I need this application for school to authenticate my laptop to their wireless network and there seems to be no alternative (They use NuFW on their Firewall running Mandriva).

Thanks for your help