Numlock always off on KDM login screen os12.3

how do I enabled numlock on the kdm login screen? i’ve tried setting in etc/sysconfig editor

KBD_NUMLOCK to value "bios" and "yes"

but that didn’t help. In bios, numlock is enabled

That’s a bug:
It appeared first in 12.1 (I think), got fixed then, and reappeared in 12.3…

But this should get fixed in a few days by an online update. (it’s already in the queue)

Was just about to post about the very same thing. Not the end of the world, but annoying!!
I’ll wait for the update.


Indeed fixed after update, great!

Right now I wanted to write that the update is released and has fixed this issue for me.
But you noticed it anyway… :wink: