Num Lock has no effect

This isn’t really a question, since I already sussed out the answer from another, archived post. I just wanted to post an update for OpenSuSE 11.2 for anyone else who may find that they are in this pickle.

The numeric keypad on my HP/Compaq nw9440 laptop stopped working abruptly. Whether I toggled num lock on or off, the keypad keys acted strangely; they did not perform the alternate functions any more than typing numbers. After searching the net, hacking around at my xorg.conf, and generally feeling frustrated, I caught this post, in the forums, I spent some time figuring out where the setting is under OpenSuSE 11.2. So, for the record - if your numeric keypad is suddenly controlling your mouse, go to Computer–Control Center–Keyboard. Select the Mouse Keys tab at the top. Uncheck the box for controlling the mouse with the keyboard. Tada! All better.

I have no idea why this setting suddenly got changed on my machine; it may have happened when I changed to the proprietary Nvidia drivers for some odd reason. At any rate, I’m happily inputting 10-key again, and hopefully this will help others to do so as well.