Nuke and Pave? Kernel Panic . Afraid to upgrade.

My system Susie Linux 42.2 Linux 4.4.79-18.26 now consistently freezes on boot and can not be shut down. I have to unplug my computer to get out of this and can then boot Susie Leap 42.2 Linux 4.4.79-18.23 I updated regularly until this problem and am now afraid that if I update the only version that works will disappear. Is there a simple way to fix this issue? 1. Could I simply re install Susie 42.2 from a disk on top of what I have now? 2. Or could I erase 4.4.79-18.26 ? 3. Or if I ran all of the new updates would that fix it? Aren’t the data files on their own partition so they are safe?

You can tell YaST/zypper to preserve specific version ( You can also generally lock kernel to prevent it from updating. As for fixing, you will need to open bug report.

You can keep a kernel,
But IMO that solution has a limited lifetime. Eventually it’ll become too old and won’t have needed patches or have features expected of whatever is considered current.

As you’ve begun to guess,
Yes, a common way to do a general repair when you don’t know what the problem is, is to
Use the DVD to “upgrade” and re-install on top of itself,
Do a system update to re-install patches to bring your system up to date.

Be sure to make a full system backup verified working before doing major changes like this.

If you have enough free disk space, you could also install a brand new instance of openSUSE side by side (ie multi-boot) and optionally during installation point /home to your existing (or not, do a full multi-boot, then copy the old /home to your new).

Doing a multi-boot could be a way of more safely installing a new instance without over-writing your old.


So if I install SUSIE on top of itself would my old data files be over written and lost? Your multi boot suggestion is appealing. I like multiboot systems… I begin with Windows and install Linux, but is the procedure automatic installing Linux alongside Linux. (If it does not run by itself I would be challenged to succeed) Yes I used Susie 9.3 several years and as you said, eventually things would not function. What do I need to do to “point /home”?

What would I do to “lock kernel” ? I’d need specific simple instructions.

where would I find an editor to change zypper? Is it built into SUSIE?

The instructions are clear can I assume that there is an editor for this already in SUSIE?

You do realize that continuing to use wrong name for distribution you are asking help for does not look nice, do not you?

Yes, It is a spelling mistake. But a less serious one than your grammar errors.

I found the editor, but can’t get to the proper command line.
is the syntax for SUSE 12 also used in SUSE 42.2 ?

Syntax should be the same.
Command may not be.

So, if there is any question in your mind, post <specifics> and people will be able to answer accurately.


When you re-install on top of an existing,
Your personal data (ie new files you created) should be untouched.
But, configuration files will generally be reset to whatever the original, default is.

But, don’t ever assume that the above will be true.
If there is <anything> you value at all, always make a copy or backup to external media that can be disconnected from your system when you perform radical changes.