I’ve helped persuade a company to release their fantastic online database development software under GLP3… the question is where do we go from here??


pity if companies do this and no one notices.

can someone let me know what the procedure is to get this included in the repositories??? who do I contact, etc.??

> can someone let me know what the procedure is to get this included in
> the repositories??? who do I contact, etc.??

i know it must be there, but i don’t readily find the link on to download the programs’ source code…

perhaps the next step would be to put the source on


yeah, the source is already there:

nuBuilder | Get nuBuilder at

hmmmm…sorry, i guess i just didn’t look hard enough on the site…

ok, back to your question (by the way, i agree it is a pity if it is
released and no one notices): “what the procedure is to get this
included in the repositories?”

such requests used to be taken in via the Wishlists, see, including the wish for new packages

however, a quick tour of those pages will prove that today both
openSUSE features and packages wishes (and lots else) is managed via
openFATE, see here

and, since you already have an openSUSE/Novell account (or you
couldn’t post here) you may add the package wish to openFATE yourself…

though, since openSUSE is an rpm based distribution i think if i were
you though i’d make it easy to the openSUSE packagers by providing an
openSUSE (and probably Red Hat) friendly rpm in addition to the
currently offered “Ubuntu/Debian installer” and “Linux/Unix” tgz
file…you will probably wanna work with the “Build Service” on that,

and, if i were you i’d offer up a multi-flavored rpm for download, via
a link on the same page where the Ubundu etc release is offered…

oh, now i began the download and see it is direct from sourcforge…cool!

ohhhhh…i now i open and see that your “Linux/Unix” tgz file is very
off-putting to me…it is very un-Linux like…very strange
indeed…oh, now i get it: it isn’t Linux-like because it was
developed by Windows[tm] folks for Windows[tm] folks…

hmmmm…oh WAIT, now i read: “Please take advantage of the free to use
download of nuBuilder, which is a completely web-based database
development tool similar to Microsoft Access®.” at

NO WONDER it looks so strange, you have apparently built an M$-windows
application clone and released it open…hmmmm…well, thank
you…but, having never used Microsoft Access® i doubt i’ll ever need
to replace it…

well, because there are thousands who are familiar with access jumping
off the M$ ship everyday, and many search frantically for something
they are familiar with, you might also want to try introducing your
product to these folks who make lists of open software alternatives to
proprietary releases:

there may be others on the net who provide such…if you find some i’d
love to add them to my list…

and, thanks for your contribution to open source!