nub says hi and has Q about bootable iso

hi, i’m quite new to linux and i have a question about K3B:

I have a TinyXP installCD (for those who dont know TinyXP: its a stripped version of XP professional) which is, ofcourse, bootable

i tried to make an iso, and burn it to a cd using Alcohol 120% (in windows) but it appears that the CD is not bootable.

Well i thought: Linux is smarter than windows, so i’ll try on K3B, but since i only have CD-R’s (so they’re not RW :stuck_out_tongue: ) i’d like to be sure if K3B automatically makes a bootable iso (and when burning this it thus makes a bootable CD, automatically) first before i waste another CD-R.

i’ll be gone on holiday for 6 days now, but then i will be back and thank you :smiley:

Happy holidays!!


If what you have is an ISO image of the disk, then it should be written on the CD as an image. Perhaps you didn’t do this with alcohol 120% or it is not supported in alcohol. In k3b, just select Burn CD Image. Don’t use Create Data CD in k3b, or any other program.

ok thanks! :smiley: