NTPsec's ntpd fails to start

I tried to install NTPsec and run it instead of plain old NTP. It fails to start:

**#** /usr/sbin/ntpd -d -g -N -u ntp:ntp 
2022-09-04T11:18:49 ntpd[28474]: INIT: ntpd ntpsec-1.2.1: Starting 
2022-09-04T11:18:49 ntpd[28474]: INIT: Command line: /usr/sbin/ntpd -d -g -N -u ntp:ntp 
2022-09-04T11:18:49 ntpd[28474]: INIT: precision = 0.072 usec (-24) 
2022-09-04T11:18:49 ntpd[28474]: INIT: successfully locked into RAM 
2022-09-04T11:18:49 ntpd[28474]: INIT: sandbox: seccomp enabled. 
2022-09-04T11:18:49 ntpd[28474]: CONFIG: readconfig: parsing file: /etc/ntp.conf 
2022-09-04T11:18:49 ntpd[28474]: ERR: SIGSYS: got a trap. 
2022-09-04T11:18:49 ntpd[28474]: ERR: SIGSYS/seccomp bad syscall 262/0xc000003e Bad system call 
**#** zypper info ntpsec 
Loading repository data... 
Reading installed packages... 

Information for package ntpsec: 
Repository     : Main Repository (OSS) (20220901) 
Name           : ntpsec 
Version        : 1.2.1-2.7 
Arch           : x86_64 
Vendor         : openSUSE 
Installed Size : 733.4 KiB 
Installed      : Yes 
Status         : up-to-date 
Source package : ntpsec-1.2.1-2.7.src 
Upstream URL   : https://www.ntpsec.org/ 
Summary        : Improved implementation of Network Time Protocol 
Description    :  
    A more secure implementation of NTP, derived from NTP Classic, Dave 
    Mills’s original. 

I found out from include files that failling syscall is newfstatat.[FONT=system] Then I found commit https://gitlab.com/NTPsec/ntpsec/-/commit/a6c0847582305aaab122d54b635954829812922f fixing it. What I could not figure out is whether referred commit found its way to version 1.2.1. Gitlab seems to miss 1.2.1 release code.

Is there a way to get NTPsec fixed within OpenSUSE releases or should I wait newer release from upstream coming to Tumbleweed?


Good you had a look and found what the problem is!

The first problem is that there is no NTPsec tag/release after the fix you found, see Graph · master · NTPsec / ntpsec · GitLab

Only when there is a new tag, the package can be updated.

Nothing prevents adding patch to RPM, there is no need to wait for new release.