ntp fails to start at boot


I’ve got the same problems as described here:

Synchronize Clock With Ntp On Boot - openSUSE Forums

with starting the ntp daemon on startup.

Basically, ntpd is started on the same moment when knetworkmanager is started, which leads to the problem that ntpd can’t find any servers due to the network not available yet.

In the link above there is a workaround described with setting ntpd to start manually in yast and edit /etc/init.d/boot.local to start ntpd after 5 minutes.
Is this still “state of the art” ? Or has the issue been fixed somewhere else and I’m doing something wrong ?


To give any answer you’ll need to supply a bit more info:
What kind of hardware ( PC? laptop?). I use NTP on every machine, except laptops. These have the networking done by the Networkmanager, so connection will only be established after starting the desktop.

I’m using indeed a laptop (somewhat stationary though).

And when thinking about it, it makes sense to have different network startups on PCs and laptops.

Thanks for the heads-up !