NTFS updates allowed?

I had an idea that with 11.1 I would be able to add, update and delete files in a Windows NTFS partition. I can see the files and access them but that is all.

Am I missing something or was I mistaken?

(I can update them OK as long as they are on a different machine)

Actually… you are missing something by default. You need to add the ‘umask=0002’ option to the mount point entry.

Easiest way to do is starting up Partitioner, selecting the ntfs partition and hit the edit button, then hit the fstab button and add umask=0002 to the Arbitary option value field, it’s a comma seperate list so you need to add ,umask=0002.

More info can be found on NTFS - openSUSE including how to manually edit the fstab file (easier to let Partitioner do it for you though)

Yes! That worked perfectly.

Is there a list of 100 things every beginner needs to know? This should be on it!

Many thanks.

HOWTOs - openSUSE is the closest thing to it afaik, NTFS link is listed among them.

The description to do this, is in a link that is in the Installation Stickie for newbies. NEWBIES - Suse-11.1 Pre-installation – PLEASE READ - openSUSE Forums (see NTFS under openSUSE link).

The problem is most newbies won’t look at the link !

They are flooded with the many things they must read. Its like they are incredibly thirsty, and they have a fire hose of information thrust at them, and they really do have to drink a lot. But they can’t drink enough, as they turn away from the fire hose due to its high volume. And that is understandable - realistically, who can drink out of a fire hose?