ntfs_mst_post_read (Can't delete files and folders from ntfs partition)

I want to delete some files and directories from and external hard disk. The filesystem of hard disk in NTFS.
But I can’t delete them, and I see the following error as the output of journalctl command

Nov 23 22:01:33 homelinux1 ntfs-3g[5974]: ntfs_mst_post_read_fixup_warn: magic: 0x00000000  size: 4096   usa_ofs: 0  usa_count: 65535: Invalid argumentNov 23 22:01:33 homelinux1 ntfs-3g[5974]: Index buffer (VCN 0x0) of directory inode 311734 has a size (24) differing from the directory specified size (4096).

Please guide me how I can fix this