NTFS drive via LAN

I know how to change fstab file to gain ability to save files in ntfs drives but how can I make it if I want to gain ability of saving on windows partitions that are shared in LAN?

Nothing special is required to save to a share on a LAN. It just saves to a shared NTFS partition, a shared FAT partition, a shared ext3 partiton, all the same, nothing special needed.

The transfer to the physical partition is handled by the operating system. If the partition is read/write in the operating system that hosts the shared partition, that operating system handles transporting data from the partition to the network and from the network to the partition.

Phew – what a mouthful. I’m sure that could have been said better

Yeah but I can’t save files to the shared windows partition from suse :expressionless:
So how can I enable this?

The possible misconfigurations of a LAN are numerous, so give me more information lest I have to reply in book form.

ok, I have fixed it myself :smiley:
But thanks for help :]