ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1 No such file or directory

I very often mount and umount my external USB disc where is ntfs file system. But from time to time when I umount disc and then I want to mount again there is no /dev/sdb1 device. It helps me only restart system. Could anybody helps me?

With this device plugged in, execute this command

fdisk -l

to see what devices are present. Post results if you need more help.

The usb filesystem is not real bright… I mean that in a good way though…

When you unmount a drive on a USB connection, the system often actually shuts down the usb port effectively. So when you go to remount it, it doesn’t exist. If you eject or umount a usb drive, pull it from the socket, then reinsert it. flash drive, hard drive whatever. You can pull the usb cord from the back of a drive instead of the hub end… doesn’t matter. plugging it back it causes the usb subsystem to reevaluate the status… and it notices that the drive and partitions are back.

Often depends on how you disengage the drive. if you umount it, it might come back… if you eject it, it probably won’t unless you force the system to probe again (need to be root for that), or reconnect the drive to the usb bus.