NSA SELinux Support - kernel oprtion

Does somebody know if this kernel option allow to the NSA get into my computer?.
How can it be useful having this on?.

It is open source so you or other can check. It basically helps you lock down the computer and detects or stops unauthorized changes to core program. You do have to be careful since you can lock it down so much you can’t get in. rotfl! . Note that unless you encrypt anyone that has physical access pretty much owns the machine if they have any knowledge

SELinux support originally came from a few organizations including the
NSA. I suppose, considering that we all now have proof that they are the
scum we always thought they were, that reviewing those (and any, anywhere)
contributions is a good idea, but at least the source is open so if it
hasn’t been done a dozen times already it can be done now. Anyway, the
name is probably just to help everybody understand the source in case
there is a desire to avoid it because of that affiliation.

Good luck.

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