NowPlaying screenlet doesn't work :/

Sometimes when I login and play a mp3 in Sonata NowPlaying screenlet doesn’t show album cover until I logout and login or I reload all screenlets in Screenlets demon :expressionless:
Any idea? maybe there is a way to force this screenlet to refresh every login?

Try Audacious or Rhythmbox or Banshee and see if the same problem continues.

No :smiley: it was Sonata problem ^^
Ok, now it works good but screenlet is not showing covers from my two albums :expressionless:
Covers are good (player is showing them but not NowPlaying) the difference between those 2 folders and the rest is that they are V.A. albums and are in the subfolder but when I move them to my music folder I got the same result :expressionless: