Now Using KDE 4.4.2

4.4.2 (KDE 4.4.2) “release 231”

Just updated - no immediate issues. Will add report as I use the system.:wink:

Updated this morning. At least one issue seems to have been resolved for me - “random” KRunner lockups while looking up a command. Been using it for a while now and it seems to be gone for good.

Still an annoying bug where the KMenu gets detached from the panel after hooking/unhooking from an external monitor. I think I have it narrowed done; may file a bug report later.

I trust 11.3 will be using at least 4.4.3/4?

Not sure. But 4.4.3 is the last stage before 4.5
4.4.3 is due May 4th 2010

So then 4.5 will come out in June or thereabouts?
As 11.3 is scheduled for July, it should include 4.5 then.


** August 4th: Release KDE SC 4.5 **

KDE SC 4.5 becomes available for general consumption.

From here:
Schedules/KDE4/4.5 Release Schedule - KDE TechBase

Updated to 4.4.2. Pretty stable,but that annoying system tray bug still persists. Also right click on network manager shows it at top right corner,similar to.1 release. I should kwin felt better.

May be kde devs slated small bugs for later.

I update to KDE 4.4.2 today. I must say, I’m quite impressed. It really makes LINUX less geeky. I personally don’t mind geeky but I want LINUX to get to the stage that everyone can use it without actually having to know how a computer works. Its getting there, just not quite yet.](

What I like is now adding a new widget. Before, you had to sift through a list of icons and kinda guess what they are about. Now its really easy. Plus the new pop-up from below is kinda easier that “foolish” window that appeared before (lol). Check the screenshots (for those who did not upgrade yet waiting for 11.3 to come out).

The oxygen titlebar looks much better too. They got rid of those annoying lines that actually forced me to use dekorator to change the look. I know, I know, some of you out there liked that but not me in IMHO. The new one looks very professional. Check the pic.](

Now for Amarok. Looks really nice. The UI change ever so slight. A few buttons change their look. There is one annoyance. Whats up with the next and previous buttons so far appart. It took me some time to notice them. At least the play button is nice and big and so is the volume. The volume has changed too. Nice circular setup. Not too hard to figure out from those moving from Windows media player. Pretty cool if you ask me (but I’m kinda geeky, lol).](

Now I’ll you tell me, even though its a very very very small change, it makes a HUUUUUGE difference in administrating and even daily use of my machine. Its the new networks manager icon. There is an actual tick when its active. Do you know how much a difference that makes. In windows, I can always tell just by a glance whether I’m connected to network or not. Before in KDE 4.3.5, I had to mouse over the icon to get any info. :smiley:

whats also cool is the fact that the alt+ f2 “run” prompt (I can’t remember the name) is on the top instead of in the middle of the screen. Not a bad idea at all. Pretty cool.

whats also cool is the fact that the alt+ f2 “run” prompt (I can’t remember the name)


It is all looking good for sure.

ah right krunner. Totally forgot lol.

Caf already commented on this about release date of 4.5, but there’s more: building a distro version requires a freeze at a certain moment, otherwise new packages would roll in even during creation of the isos. 11.3 will be frozen in June, only showstopper bugs will be fixed.

I see. Looks like I have to update from Factory again then with 11.3.

I thought that 4.5 a bit later than OS11.3
Schedules/KDE4/4.5 Release Schedule - KDE TechBase
I would be happy if it would include 4.5 though.

Besides: **** THIS SCHEDULE IS NOT FINAL ******* as it is claimed there.
Therefore it is highly probable that it will come to a further delay. IMHO very rarely a software is ready on schedule. At least if they want it to be reliable. Am I wrong?

This isn’t the Windows world where they have delays measured in years and then in the end still come up with some retarded junk, as was the case with Vista :sick:

Delays aren’t as frequent and as big here. Releases have kept pretty well to the time table with the Kde releases, with delays of a few days only at most.

I did not say anything about quality here. Although it is true that generally they respected quite well the schedules, the fact that the state so explicitly “schedule not final” means for me that they simply cannot commit yet to any of the dates indicated. Otherwise the statement would be redundant, right? So it is probably wise not integrate that version in 11.3 for the reliability of the schedules. People are free to upgrade through the repositories afterwards. And generally do. No? :\

No. The way I see it, it’s nothing but “just in case”.
It’s just a precaution in case they shouldn’t be able to make it, it’s not them saying “we don’t make it anyway” or something.

For what I have seen in a certain sense they could “always” make it. Substantially, if I understood well the policy, they are putting in a number of features and then, if it is not possible to implement it, shortly before the release they declare officially the shift to the next version step, limited to some features that are too behind. In this way they can avoid to get “nailed” on a certain problem.
What is puzzling me however is, since it happened last release with very very little steps (others where called in progress and are brought forward with this status still today) if there is a maximum number of features not ready, before deciding to shift the release date itself and what criteria are used. Would be interesting. If you have any info on this please do not hesitate to make me smarter. :wink: