Now that i have installed from cd how do i get the rest?

My title was cut short… anyways i have installed via cd onto my laptop and i would like to install the extra software that comes with the dvd. I have searched the forums and google for how to get the rest of the packages but i guess opensuse has too much google juice as all i get are the opensuse download pages.

Open Yast
Software - Software Management
Filter by repo: You should see at least, OSS, Non-OSS, Updates…

OSS is the DVD

But you actually need more repo’s in your list
I suggest you take some time to look through this:
NEWBIES - Suse-11.0 Pre-installation – PLEASE READ - openSUSE Forums

And just install everything there? I just want the differnce’s between the cd and dvd installed.

Install everything. NO!!!

First, open a terminal and type:

zypper lr

post result here

As caf4926 said, don’t install everything. In fact you select what to install according to your needs. First you set up Internet connections to the repositories (of software) that you might need now and in the future. There is a bunch of Community Repositories that are (or should be) automatically added to the list you have connections to. They are seen in Yast at Yast → Software → Software Repositories. Here you should have at least the following listed:

  • Main Repository (OSS)
  • Main Repository (Non-OSS)
  • Packman
  • Main Update Repository
  • Videolan

If some are missing then “Add” them by clicking Add → Community Repositories → Next. Then enable the missing ones and perhaps also: if you have Nvidia card choose Nvidia too or if you have ATI card choose ATI too.

Then you should have connections to nearly all of the software available for openSUSE.

You can then browse the available software and select some to install from Yast → Software → Software Management: on the LHS there’s a list to choose how to search. Try these interesting ones:

  • search
  • patterns
  • package groups