Now Shipping Free openSUSE DVDs

Just wanting the Online community to know that We ( have dvd’s supplied by openSUSE available through our Quick Ship free disc program.

Joe “Zonker” Brocmeier had 250 DVDs sent for us to distribute, but because there isn’t a link on the download page yet most folks don’t know about it. More will be sent for us to distribute when these run out.

If the others we ship are any indication, when the link is posted they will fly out of here in a hurry. If we run out we’ll make the DVDs here until stock is replaced.

The DVDs are here:

Quick Ship info here:
Quick_Ship_Free_Disc_Service -

If anyone needs discs for a Linux Fest or other event please let us know:

Also, if anyone ins interested, you can further promote this by making a banner to run at (100,000 free impressions), which can also win free discs (including shipping charges) for your local linux or FOSS group. See: » Banner Rotation at and » September Disc Giveaway

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Thanks… Whatever DVD they are shipping, I got it. It is not Live boot type. To install I need to partition my harddisk. Which I dont want to do without trying live boot success.
I tried with Virtualbox. But behaviour is different during live boot.
With Thanks,

Too bad there’s no free 64-bit DVDs on the site.

OpenSUSE 11.1 Installation DVD

at the bottom of this page, select 64-bit from the drop down list.

the top of that same page states that “This openSUSE Installation DVD is available for 32 bit (x86), 64 bit (x86_64) and PPC architectures.”

hope that helps some.

I know about the downloading the DVD image, but there’s no pressed 64-bit DVDs in the offer mentioned in the original post. I sent a message to Joe Brockmeier on Twitter and he said there will be 64-bit DVDs for 11.2.

I see the discs for sale, and it’s still a good price compared to buying the boxed set with the support from Novell I don’t need.

I got the 32bit DVD and it’s good quality. Not boxed and no support but I don’t need that. Box = Bin, Support = OpenSUSE Forums :wink:

Why Box = Bin? You should keep the Box as a collection for nostalgic moments, like I do. :wink: I still have the boxes and manuals of 8.0, 9.1, 9.2 and of Mandrake 8.0, 8.1, 9.0 and 9.2

Nah… Don’t like hanging on to boxes like that. They take up to much space that I am already running out of…